chapter 1 of the web series You’re So Talented

i’ve spent the last few months associate producing and making music for the web series You’re So Talented. the people involved are crazy good and i am lucky i get to share art with them (creator and writer Sam Bailey, Artful Enough Pictures, Open TV, and Alistair Slaughter just to name drop a few.)

the first chapter features a song i wrote called Sleep In and a re-release of Right Here with my new musical duo, whatever spectrum.

Buy Right Here on iTunes if you’re so inclined: or listen on spotify:

Watch Chapter 1:

recording truth.

thinking about how one records truth in their vocals. all the timbre and the love and all the shit. because recording is a monster. it is me at my worst. self destructive in a way i thought i had long crushed. it is a process complicated by my lack of anything more than a self taught, cursory knowledge of sound engineering. i know what i want. i know how i sound. i know how that sound doesn’t translate to recording.

as i get older, i am less and less interested in acquiring all knowledge and more interested in specialized knowledge. my interest in specialized knowledge does not extend to going on fucking gearslutz and sound forums. and it’s frustrating when i can’t single-handedly manifest the results that i want.

something that i can do is write down a list of singers i love and investigate what shit they use. and so tonight i sit and listen to my favorite female singers and i am going in. i have gotten nowhere in terms of equipment, however it is affirmed that women are fucking magic.

and in this process, i thought of all the breaths that tori amos breathes in and out and hearing that when i was a kid and totally getting it. and i remembered this song:

(also it now totally makes sense that she married her sound engineer.)