Samantha Lee is a vocalist, musician, ukulele player, and songwriter based in Chicago. She is a producer of the web series You’re So Talented and is making music for the project with her musical duo whatever spectrum. With her creative partner Sam Bailey, she founded the production company Our Names Are Sam.


Whether in a raw rehearsal setting, under the spotlight of a theatre performance, or blasting through my earbuds, Samantha Lee’s voice has the power of renewing my trust in love, sincerity and the necessity of life’s ugliness.

I am drawn to performers/artist who dance on the line of safety and control. I am drawn to Samantha Lee because I believe her when she sings. And for me, her voice and performances come from a place of vulnerability and boldness. I don’t remember what show I first saw her in but I do remember that my jaw was on the ground and my face was wet with tears. I remember leaving the space feeling changed and cut open…I remember really wanting to be call her my friend, or collaborator or associate or something. I remember I wanted to know more…


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